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Putting our mission of diversity and health equity into practice


At NHP, an important part of our mission is to ensure equitable and affordable care for all.​ Our definition of diversity is expansive. All of our work is grounded in a foundation of cultural competence and sensitivity, not only around race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation, but also cultural lifestyles and choices. In a broader sense, diversity represents all walks of life, including personal milestones, habits, and behaviors that impact individual health. With unique value added benefits from free smoking cessation and coverage for nicotine replacement therapy, to free over-the-counter medications with a prescription — we are certainly walking the walk. At every level, NHP is dedicated to programs and plans that fit our members’ diverse lives.

Our commitment to diversity is not only embedded in our mission and core values, but also in our workforce, internal culture, and investments. NHP’s employees truly represent the communities we serve. In this respect, 45 percent of our workforce and 65 percent of our members come from racial, ethnic or other diverse backgrounds.

Health Equity

NHP's Health Equity Program partners with our provider network to ensure that health care is equitably delivered to all members of any race, ethnicity, or primary language.

Every year, NHP analyzes data on health care quality stratified by these categories. With input from both health care providers and members of the community, NHP focuses on improving health care equity and reducing disparities. For each of the areas of focus, NHP has developed a targeted campaign and provides members with education and reminders about important services. Educational articles have also been written for the Boston Globe, the Metro, and El Mundo.

Quality Initiatives to Improve Health Care

NHP also works with other state organizations to promote quality health care in Massachusetts. Some of those organizations are The Massachusetts Association of Health Plans, the Association of Community Affiliated Plans, and the Massachusetts Health Council.

Clinical and Community Service Programs

NHP conducts many quality improvement initiatives that focus on improving health care through Clinical and Community Service Programs. Our disease management, wellness and social care programs work with members to improve their lives and treatments and to find ways to overcome the obstacles they face to receiving optimal care.